Clara is 11 Months!


First off, I have to apologize Clara. This blog post is nearly 1 month late. It’s not that you didn’t do anything exciting last month (because you did, and we’ll get to that); but that we were away from home when you actually turned 11 months, and then, as life does, things got busy and technology wasn’t working as it should. But I’m finally here to get down to the business of gushing over your 11th month.

The biggest news of the month is that you learned to crawl!! Now that you’re on the move, you love to explore all the toys that your sister plays with, but you seem to still prefer being held and carried around by mom and dad. No complaints from us, since we know this cuddly stage will end some day. We are also thankful that you still enjoy being cuddled, as you went on 2 big trips this past month. The first was all the way to Washington, DC! We hit a rough patch on the way there during one long flight, but otherwise you were a dream baby throughout the entire trip. You let us put you in the stroller most of the day to explore the Smithsonian Zoo and Museums, as well as the historic sites around the National Mall. Your sister may have traveled coast-to-coast by this age, but you got to see the White House! (but it’s not a competition, okay?!) Next up, we flew to Winnipeg for a memorial for your Great Nanny. Again, you were an amazing little traveler. You got to see yet another Zoo, and played with numerous kids, as we did lots of visiting with family and friends. Clara, we couldn’t imagine a more laid back child. You let us bring you everywhere without much complaint (again, as mentioned in previous posts, your complaints come just prior to sleep or when you were in the process of cutting two new teeth – so whether we were home or away, it wouldn’t make much difference). You continue to love your panda, touch-and-feel books, and anything you can chew on; but we know you’re favourite “thing” on this planet is your big sister. When we were away in Washington, Norah did not join us. So we would FaceTime with her daily. The call would basically just be you and your sis smiling and yelling back and forth. It was definitely up there with this month’s most heart-warming moments. And seeing the two of you reunited upon our return home was almost enough to bring a tear to my eyes! We also find it so cute that you have this adorable little wave going on; however, you tend to bust it out after the person you are meant to wave to is long gone! We love you Clara Bear – can’t wait to soak up all we can with you next month before you turn a year old!


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Clara is 10 Months!

10 Months

Clara, at 10 months, you are one cute, babbling, kissy, smiley little babe. But one thing you are not: a crawler! You still haven’t mastered the art of forward movement on all fours. This may be due to your remarkable ability to get around without actually crawling. You’re reach is incredible, so sometimes you just make a lunge forward in order to obtain the object of your desire. Other times you roll towards what you want. If all else fails, you are aware of your capacity to push yourself backwards while on  your stomach; so you will set yourself up to do so in order to get to your desired location. Your parents may be partly to blame for your lack of crawling. For starters, your mom still doesn’t put you down enough; instead I take in all the cuddles I can with you (let’s actually blame your sister for not being a cuddly baby – I’m soaking up my baby cuddles now!). But the other reason is that we went to Alberta for a 2-week vacation. And we were busy. You were constantly in the car or stroller; so you didn’t have much of a chance to practice any movement. During this trip, you (and Norah) got to experience your first road trip. And we figured a full two days would be a good way to start! Yikes. You were a trooper though, and mostly just complained when you were getting sleepy – as per usual. You got to meet both of your cousins, Nolan and Cade, during this trip. And since you and Cade are so close in age, you seemed happy to have a playmate for a few hours. This month, your favourite things included any books with “touchy / feely” stuff, zucchini, wooden toys, and anything you can chew on. You got 2 new teeth this month, and are currently working on a few more. So you put absolutely everything in your mouth in order to get some relief on your gums. You love all the aforementioned, however, your favourite activity lately seems to be eating. It’s incredible how much food such a little thing can eat in one sitting. And at this moment, you don’t seem to have any food aversions; you just eat anything we put in front of you! Your are a sweetheart every single day, we love how you give big wide-mouthed kisses and show us big, toothy grins when we talk to you. One of our favourite moments this month was when you had your first full-belly laugh while we were driving to Edmonton. It was Norah who had you going of course, but when you let out that laugh over-and-over again, we would all crack up! It definitely made the last few hours of our road trip easier. Happy 10 month birthday Clara!

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Clara is 9 Months!

9 Months

Clara, you are 3/4 through your first year and this past month has brought such big changes for you. It seems like you all of a sudden decided to grow up. When I look back to your sister at this age, I see a lot of similarities. You decided that this was the month you would give us the most sleep issues: rarely napping and taking forever to go to sleep at night; plus you were up several times a night a few weeks ago. Thankfully for us, things have started to settle and you’re sleep habits are starting to become wonderful! Just like big sis, you still aren’t moving around on your own, but you’re so close! You roll around all over the place, and shuffle yourself backwards. Plus you have started to do the “swimming” move when you try to propel yourself forward, which is stinking cute! You are starting to get the hang of clapping and waving, and your big sis is working on getting you to give high fives. You’re continue to be the happiest baby on the block, you flash your two pearly whites on the bottom of your mouth to anyone who gives you attention, especially your daddy. And you have such a sweet laugh, which of course is brought on mostly by Norah. As usual, the only things that really make you grumpy are going to sleep and waiting for food. Your favourite things right now are a book called That’s Not My Dinosaur, your stuffed panda, FaceTiming with your grandparents and daddy when he’s away, dill pickles and our dog Kona. You are so infatuated with her; she lights up your face every time she strolls into your view. And now that you are able to reach and grab better, you are petting and pulling her as often as you can get your hands on her! You are babbling all the time now, telling us stories while practicing your consonants. Some things that really make our hearts gush: you do this adorable thing with your foot and roll it around and around; you are starting to smack your lips for real kisses now, which you give freely to your mom and dad; and you tilt your head to one side and look up at us with your big sparkling eyes just so we know how cute you are! We love you Clara Bear!

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Clara is 8 Months!

8 Months

We can’t believe our baby girl is only 4 months away from being a year old! We wish time would slow down so we could enjoy your baby-ness much longer. I don’t think you’re in any rush to grow up though. You still aren’t crawling, and have zero interest in standing. Meals are still not consistent either. However, you sprung your first tooth early this month! With it came a lot of crankiness and a fever; which we chalked up to the coming tooth. However, we soon found out you actually had Roseola, as you broke out into a rash all over your body about 2 days after your tooth popped! We really can’t wait till we can say you’ve been healthy for more than half your life – you seem to catch everything! You got a chance to hang out with someone your own age for once, as your mama’s friend came for a visit, and brought along her 9-month old baby girl. You enjoyed it so much, and had the biggest grin on your face whenever you were around her. You also seemed to come out of your shell a bit while she was here, and have begun to explore the idea of crawling and eating a whole lot more. If only your mom would suck it up and go to those “mommy groups” she so despises, as you really like being around babies. You still despise going to sleep, which means you continue to dislike being places that cause you to fall asleep, such as the carseat, stroller, and even your grandma’s arms. At 8 months your are still a super chill baby. You love to independently eat and be around your sister as much as you can. You know your name and will respond to “Clara” now, usually shining your sweet smile back at us when we call for your attention. You make a “huffing” noise when you’re either really excited or really angry – the latter typically occurs when you’re waiting for food. You have started to wave good-bye and also give big head bashing, wet, open-mouthed kisses, which is really adorable. But the thing that has melted our hearts is that you said your first word this past month, which was “dada.” Your dad is filled to the brim with love! We love you to the moon and back Clara bear! Happy 8 months!

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